Annual Marilyn Strathern Lecture

CUSAS annually hosts a large public lecture, delivered by a prominent anthropologist. The inaugural lecture was given in 2011 by Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern, on the title ‘Gifts Money Cannot Buy’. Professor Strathern is the former William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology (1993-2008), after whom the lecture series is named.

Check back soon for details on the 2017 Marilyn Strathern Lecture

The 2016 Lecture took place on May 26, and given by Prof Yunxiang Yan (University of California, Los Angeles): The relational person and moralized hierarchy in Chinese culture

The 2015 Lecture took place on May 21, and was given by Professor Anna Tsing: ‘Earth Stalked by Man’ Prof. Anna Tsing (UCSC/Aarhus)

The 2014 Lecture was given by Professor Eduardo Viveiros de Castro (National Museum of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro), on the title ‘Who is Afraid of the Ontological Wolf’

The 2013 Lecture was given by Professor Nikolas Rose (King’s College, London), on the title ‘A Vital Turn? Biological Life and the Human Sciences’.

The 2012 Lecture was given by Dr. David Graeber (Goldsmith’s), on the title ‘Culture as Creative Refusal: Heroic and Anti-Heroic Politics’.

Previous Events:

2014: Who is Afraid of the Ontological Wolf? (Dr. Eduardo Viveiros De Castro)
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2013: A Vital Turn?: Biological  Life and the Human Science (Professor Nikolas Rose)

2012: Culture as Creative Refusal (Dr. David Graeber)


2011: Gifts Money Cannot Buy (Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern)

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