Cambridge-LSE Debate

Since 2012, the Anthropology Student Societies of Cambridge and LSE have participated in an annual debate. Each society takes turn hosting the debate and proposing the motion, which is debated by three students (undergraduates and post-graduates) from each side.

The 2015 debate was held on 26 February in Cambridge, on the motion ‘One cannot hold a belief unless one comprehends it oneself’.

Cambridge Team: Nicoletta Knoble, Oskar Shortz, Priyanka Srinivasa

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The 2014 debate was held at the LSE.

The 2013 debate was held 4 March in Cambridge, on the motion ‘In times of crisis, anthropology should intervene’.

Cambridge Team: Dorothea Berglar, David Ginsborg and Ed Pulford

LSE Team: Oscar Wrenn, Carlo Chari, and Oliver Keisner.

Past Events:


LSE Debate 2013 Poster

2012 team:


The inaugural debate was held at the LSE on March 2, 2012 on the motion ‘Social Anthropology has more to gain from a naturalist approach to the person.’

Cambridge Team: Robin Irvina, Lruar Neumann, Isaac Stanley

LSE Team: James Matharu, Memmi Rasmussen, Asa Thomas