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Easter Term 2024

Dear all,

You are cordially invited to the 14th Annual Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern Lecture: ‘Capital, Imperialism, and the Struggle for Development in the 21st Century’ with Professor Jason Hickel (ICTA-UAB) on Thursday 16th May, 2024, at the McGrath Centre, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

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A meet-and-greet session will be held during the afternoon before the Lecture for interested students and members at the Department to chat more informally with Prof Hickel. More details to come very soon.

This event is organised by CUSAS, Department of Social Anthropology, and generously supported by Wolfson College.


Moral Atmospheres: Islam and Media in a Pakistani Marketplace
Book Launch & Roundtable

May 7, 5:00pm at King’s College (Keynes Hall)
Please RSVP. Presented by King’s College E-Lab.

Short description of the event:

Join us to celebrate the book launch of Moral Atmospheres: Islam and Media in a Pakistani Marketplace, (Timothy P.A. Cooper, 2024), winner of the 2022 Claremont Prize for the Study of Religion, awarded by the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life at Columbia University to support and promote cutting-edge scholarship by early career researchers.

Lahore’s Hall Road is the largest electronics market in Pakistan. Once the center of film and media piracy in South Asia, it now specializes in smartphones and accessories. For Hall Road’s traders, conflicts between the economic promises and the moral dangers of film loom large. To reconcile their secular trade with their responsibilities as devoted Muslims, they often look to adjudicate the good or bad moral “atmosphere” (mahaul) that can cling to film and media.  Moral Atmospheres examines the diverse and coexisting moral atmospheres that surround media in Pakistan, tracing public understandings of ethical life and showing how they influence economic behavior. At once a vivid ethnography of a market street and a generative theorization of atmosphere, this book offers fresh perspectives on moral experience and the relationship between religion and media.

More information can be found here:

Timothy Cooper will be joined by Mike Degani, Garima Jaju, and Naveeda Khan (Online). The event will be chaired by Christina Woolner.

17.00-18.00 Roundtable and Q&A
18:00-19:00 Drinks reception

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Vulnerable Researchers in the Field

Monay 13 May, 11am-12:30pm, Edmund Leach Seminar Room 
Co-convened by Alexandrine Royer, Jenny Tang, and Hairuo Jin

Let’s talk more about fieldwork! This session is intended to provide a safe space for researchers who might face vulnerabilities, marginalization, harassment and discrimination of any or various forms within the field. It will be an open conversation for prospective fieldworkers, and those who have returned from hte field to address dilemmas, anxieties and emotions related to undertaking fieldwork in potentialy dangerous or uncomfortable setings. As young women doing fieldwork for the first time for our doctoral projects, we encountered various unexpected challenges in each of our fieldwork experiences. Thus, we decided that it could be helpful to share with other students in the Department who may be preparing to undertake initial fieldwork in the future. This session is not meant to offer formal pedagogy or serve as any kind of substitute for formal fieldwork training; it is intended merely as an informal discussion session to address issues which potential fieldworkers may not wish to discuss in a more formal setting.

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Love Songs in Motion: Voicing Intimacy in Somaliland 

Christina Woolner – in conversation with Angela Impey, Martin Stokes & Perveez Mody 
14 May, 4:30-6pm, Audit Room, King’s College

Please join us for a book talk with author Christina Woolner (SocAnth, Cambridge) who will speak about her recently published book Love Songs in Motion: Voicing Intimacy in Somaliland (Chicago), which provides an ethnographic account of the social and political lives of love songs in Somaliland. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion with Angela Impey (Music, SOAS), Martin Stokes (Music, King’s College London) and Perveez Mody (SocAnth, Cambridge), and chaired by Timothy Cooper (SocAnth, Cambridge). The panelists will each speak to how the book interests with their own research. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session, and drinks in King’s bar for those who wish to join.

More information about the book is available here, or on the book’s companion website: